Journey of Action For Educators

Do you want to be able to move away from simply managing each day to living in your BEST ZONE? The place of success and fulfillment? In the Journey of Action, we work together as a community to learn new concepts and focus on actionable steps! All stakeholders are welcome to be a part of this journey.

The goal of this journey is to provide you with focused learning in Leadership, Social/Emotional Growth & Development, Self-Care, and Engagement in Learning Techniques.

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We Are Educators

Are you an educator by profession, home educator, parent, family member, friend, coach, mentor, or speaker? This course is for you! We are all educators and influence and impact the world around us. 

In the Journey of Action, we learn together, process together, and work on real actionable steps to become the best version of ourselves. When we are at our best, we can help others learn to be their best. It’s time to take action so that we can be filled up and then share positive strategies with the next generation. One of my power statements is this, My Fill Will Equal My Spill! Join the Journey of Action and learn to be the best version of yourself for the next generation! 

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The Journey of Action


Four-Session Masterclass

Our MASTERCLASS is a four-session virtual session that will provide you with a framework to dig deep into four educational topics: leadership, social/emotional learning, self-care, and student engagement. Here is an overview of our weekly lessons:

  • Session 1: Reset Your Mindset! (Your Mindset Matters)
  • Session 2: Why Is Executive Function So Important? (Be the True Executive in Your Space)
  • Session 3: How Do Brains Bloom in the Storm? (Healthy Brains Are Wealthy Brains)
  • Session 4: Is My Learning Leveled? (Bloom’s Taxonomy Explained and Explored)

What We Offer In These Sessions:

  • Explore the Concepts Through 4 Virtual Teaching Sessions – Information Intake!
  • Question and Answer Sessions – Process It Out!
  • Downloadable Workbook – Action Steps!
  • Self-Talk Patterns / Printable Poster – Categorizing Language Patterns!
  • Bonus Evaluation Worksheets – Chart Your Progress!
  • The Journey of Action Facebook Group – Networking & Community Building!

The next Journey of Action Masterclass will take place on June 23rd - July 14th, 2021.

This four-session Masterclass costs $299. A Professional Development Certificate is available upon completion. 

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Start Your Journey Of Action Today!

Journey of Action Masterclass


  • Four-Session Masterclass
  • Four-Hour Professional Development Certificate (upon completion)