You know when you are at home trying to find the perfect early childhood activity to keep your child in the developmental growth zone, but you don’t know where to find what your child needs?

At DASH Upward, we understand how important early childhood education is, and that is why we have developed Pre-K Play Day at The DASH Academy. Pre-K Play Day brings early childhood education (ages 2-6) to your house in one simple package!


What We Offer

Pre-K Play Day is an early childhood program that equips families with early childhood education from the comfort of their home. Each week families will receive five video-based lessons with correlating activities and support materials. To see some of the key features of our program, please take a look at the drop downs below:

Our team of experienced early childhood professionals teach multiple lessons each week so your child can learn directly from a teacher not just a computerized program. We ensure that pre-school standards are implemented into daily teaching practices.

Our video lessons bring the teacher right into your home. With your subscription, you will have access to review each lesson multiple times to ensure that the concepts being taught are retained. We understand that repetition is key!

Each of our video lessons includes activities that promote each concept being taught. We provide the activities and worksheets in a PDF format that can be easily downloaded and printed at home.

We provide hands-on activities that encourage children to explore and create in the world around them. We know that children learn best by doing, and that creativity and imagination are essential to growth and development.

We provide weekly Parent Pages to support each parent in leading their child on this daily education journey called life!

The wonders of life unfold through exploring, seeing, hearing, and doing. Let play begin!

Play to learn and learn to play.

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The Perfect Early Childhood Program For Your Family

Pre-K Play Day


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