The Mistake of Markers Before Crayons

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2022

Every child loves markers, and there are a few good reasons why!

  1. Markers give a vibrant color from almost any direction when they are moved on paper.
  2. Markers are easy to use and do not require as strong of a grip for movement.
  3. Markers don’t make young hands tired when coloring.

These reasons may all sound like good things, but in reality, overlooking crayons for markers allows young children to skip over skills that build their small muscles. Markers are a great tool, but just not the first preferred tool for writing.

To help your child develop small muscle coordination in their hands, we encourage using crayons, pencils, and paint sticks. These writing utensils require more effort to be moved on the paper, giving a higher level of sensory feedback and encouraging the child to apply more pressure. This actions increase the development of the small muscles in the hands. It is essential to develop these muscles to promote fine motor skills, which we use in manipulating small objects, controlling eating utensils, and handwriting. 

When your child has successfully mastered using crayons, pencils, and paint sticks, add in markers. We recommend crayons before markers! 



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