Making An Impact

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2022

Today is a new day that is full of many great opportunities to impact the world around us in a positive way. Let’s talk about the word IMPACT.


Take a moment today and ask yourself this question: “How am I impacting the individuals around me?” This includes your family, friends, colleagues, students, and people in your community. Each day we choose how we will influence others. We can influence people in a positive way that brings growth or a negative way that brings decline. 

Let’s look at the word IMPACT in detail: 


The first two letters in the word IMPACT spell the word I’M, so I know I am referring to myself.


The next four letters spell the word PACT. A pact is an agreement.


Now, let’s look at each letter in the word PACT and what each will represent.


P - Positive: I will speak helpful and encouraging words to myself and others.


A - Action-Oriented: I will put action behind my positivity by thinking good thoughts, speaking encouraging words, and acting with kindness.


C- Committed: I will be committed to stopping negativity and replacing it with positivity consistently, not based on the circumstance but based on my commitment.


T- Trustworthy: I will be trustworthy and keep my word to myself and those around me. 

Memorizing this acronym is a great way to remind yourself about the importance of the word impact. Here is a simple sentence to memorize: “I’m making an agreement to be positive, action-oriented, and trustworthy.” By following this process, we can make a positive IMPACT on the world around us!


Let’s choose to influence others positively today! Have a great week and impact the world with kindness.


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