The Power of Settling In

The bell rings and the day begins, and we welcome our students one by one into our classrooms. Our words at the door can set the tone for the day and help each person feel valued, as we speak to them by name and maybe even shake their hand, give them a fist bump, high five, or a hug. But after that welcoming moment, how do we help our students be active and engaged learners? Just as it is important to welcome each individual student, we must also provide them with time and strategies to settle in. To settle in would be described as feeling aware and secure in my surroundings so that I am able to focus and learn.

THINK ABOUT THIS STORY… Meredith, a third-grade teacher, arrived at the staff meeting at 7:30, as required. The morning had already been busy for her as she had dropped off her six-month-old baby at her parent’s house, took her four-year-old to pre-school, and then made the 20-minute commute to her school. Days like this meant she had to leave the house an hour...

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