I Hope You Felt Heard!

conflict management Mar 12, 2021

(Call to Action – Conflict in Community)

A CALL TO ACTION to help people thrive and not simply survive, to build rapport linked to support.

It is a fact that community is essential to a healthy self, a growth mindset, and forward thinking. But we all know that keeping relationships in a community strong, is not without conflict. We have all been in that situation, when a family member was aggravated with us, a trusted friend turned on us, or a colleague became frustrated with us.

It was early Fall, and there I found myself in the midst of a conflict. Unexpected and hurtful beyond words. I knew the importance of settling matters quickly, but no matter what I said, it seemed to get worse and not better. In my turmoil, I turned to the leader of our community to ask for help in resolving this matter. I did not want there to be a wall built between me and another person. I sat in the office that day of a leader I respected, explaining the situation and asking for help to solve the...

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Brave Conversations

conflict management Feb 05, 2021


(Call to Action – Conflict in Community)

A CALL TO ACTION to help people initiate brave conversations when concerns or conflicts arise.

Can you remember the last time you were faced with a situation where a problem needed to be dealt with? Maybe it was a conversation you needed to have with one of your children who consistently broke curfew, or a parent/teacher conference about a student who was failing academically, or possibly even a discussion with your boss at work regarding a colleague. When these difficult situations arise, it is important to be brave in facing the issue. Bravery is not simply stating what comes to your mind in the moment of frustration, but interpreting the situation from multiple lenses. We call this having a BRAVE Conversation. This means that we have multiple lenses that we want to ensure take place when the actual conversation occurs. Here are a few words to remember when you are faced with a difficult conversation, to ensure...

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